Benefits of Tile Roofing

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  • Tile roofs resist hurricanes, earthquakes and weather extremes better than most other materials.
  • Roof tile is fireproof, with a class-A rating.
  • Tile also acts as an insulator, helping to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer thus reducing energy costs.
  • Accessories for tile roofs are widely assorted, including birdstops, cloaked attic vents, hip starters, apexes and multiple other options.
  • Tile has the unique ability of being able to accent, or complement, the exterior color or finish of any home or building.
  • In addition to traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles, roof tile is available in exact replications of shake, wood shingle and slate.
  • Roof tile is also available in a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the well-known adobe red to colors that are reminiscent of moss green, driftwood grey and ocean blue.
  • Because tile is inherently durable, tile roofs can last much longer than shingle roofs.
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When combined with the range of styles and finishes tile comes in, a tile roof not only adds to the beauty of a structure, it can also add to its value, making it more attractive to a buyer and more profitable to the seller.